December 2, 2023
What are albino guinea pigs?Albino Guinea Pig – Care And Fun Facts

Albino Guinea Pig – Care And Fun Facts


What are albino guinea pigs? These are adorable tiny living beings found on earth. As we know, cavies have a variety of coat colors, and one of them is “Albino.” Unfortunately, these pigs have very deprived health and suffer from health issues.

Guinea pigs appear in common colors like black, beige, red, grey, cream, chocolate, white, and a mixture of these colors. But Albino guinea pig has plain white fur on their coat and skin.

Let’s discuss Albino guinea pigs and find out about their health, life span, what they like to eat, their appearance, and some tips on how to take care of this specie.

What Is An Albino Guinea Pig?

A scarce and extraordinary creature. Albino guinea pigs have melanin pigmentation deficiency due to completely white fur or white coat having small spots in any variation of colors. Because of their entirely white coat, they have a genetic mutation that affects the genes which produce melanin. Due to their white appearance, albino guinea pigs face difficulty hiding from all hunters like owls, snakes, eagles, and other wild animals. They couldn’t defend themselves and were mostly caught by these animals.

Albino Guinea Pig Temperament:

If you gently handle these cute and funny little creatures from the start, they will turn out to be the most playful, friendly, and outgoing pets. These are happy creatures who make others comfortable around them. They don’t make loud noises and would not hurt you if you are good with them.

Albino Guinea Pig Health:

These pigs have very vulnerable health. They are intended to bear health issues due to genetic deformation. Following are some common health issues of albino guinea pigs;

  • Low immune system
  • They are often born deaf and blind
  • Brain damage/ neurological issues
  • Hair loss
  • Ulcer issues
  • Skin issues
  • Vitamin C deficiency

So, they have to deal with a lot of health issues. Sometimes they get infections and die as they cannot fight infections due to low immunity. Their albinism shows all the complications they might have related to their health. There would be rarely any albino guinea pig who did not suffer any health problems.

Caring For An Albino Guinea Pig:

The diet for albino guinea pigs should consist of timothy hay, fresh fruits, and veggies. In addition, they should get plenty of vitamin c either through fruits and vegetables or any other supplement. since they lack pigment, they are more exposed to sunburn, so you have to be a little more careful about sun rays.

Avoid keeping them in the sunlight for a long time without applying pet-friendly sunscreen. It’s generally not recommended, and also arrange a shady area for them where they could be easily kept during the sunlight. A frequent visitor to the vet is required to ensure they don’t suffer much. Also, the cage where they will be living must be clean and tidy because a dirty cage will create a bacterial infection, which is not good for their health.

Why Albino Guinea Pig Is Extremely Rare:

We all know that the most amazing animals are always rare to find. The albino guinea pig is also rare on earth. These species cannot breed to produce many albino guinea pigs. They only have a genetic condition due to a lack of melanin pigmentation.

They are ordinary guinea pigs infected by “Albinism” disease. This disease is very rare among guinea pigs; hence albino guinea pigs are rare. Another reason for their small population is they have utterly white fur coats, which makes them easy to catch for other animals. Their white fur makes it difficult to hide from these predators; hence, eagles, hawks, snakes, and other wild animals can easily prey on them.

The Life Span Of Albino Guinea Pig:

Albino guinea pigs live a shorter life than other guinea pigs due to the issues of diseases and abnormalities they face with their health. The average life span of an albino guinea pig is about 3 years with a lot of care. They are mostly born blind with one eye or both. One of the main causes of their death is pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs. They are fragile animal that requires a lot of care and attention.

Food For Your Albino Guinea Pig:

Fresh and organic foods should always be available for your albino pig. These foods include fruits and vegetables that are blueberries, bananas, pears, apples, kiwi, papayas, oranges, carrots, bell peppers, peas, and other dark green veggies.

You can also feed them reliable guinea pig foods available in the market as they formulate with balanced nutrition but give them natural fruits and veggies, which are good for them. Never give them cold food. Also, Give them clean water to drink. 80-100ml of water is normally consumed by albino guinea pigs daily.

Interesting Facts About Albino Guinea Pig:

Below are some interesting facts about these cute little albino guinea pigs:

  1. Albino Guinea Pig attacks in stress.
  2. They will mark the surroundings.
  3. They are susceptible to illness.
  4. Albino guinea pigs are associated with chinchillas and porcupines.
  5. Kissing an albino pig may cause you diarrhea.
  6. They do miss their owners.
  7. They have the same placental structure as humans.
  8. Albino Guinea Pigs are not mice.
  9. They are often used in the laboratory for testing.
  10. Albino guinea pigs are exotic animals.


Is An Albino Guinea Pig Rare?

Yes. Albino guinea pigs are scarce creatures as these are not a breed but a result of genetic mutation.

Are White Guinea Pigs Pink Eye Albino?

No. White guinea pigs are not pink-eyed albinos. There is a difference between both of them. White guinea pigs have black eyes and completely white fur, whereas albino guinea pigs have red or pink eyes and lack melanin, due to which they have less pigment, which results in pale white fur and red eyes. They both seem similar, but they have different genetics.

How Do I Know If My Guinea Pig Is Albino?

If your guinea pig has an invisible amount of pigments in their fur and eyes and fully white fur and red eyes, then you have an albino guinea pig in the house. Because of the genetic change, they lack color in their skin and hair; thus, no color is present due to their appearance of being fully white.


Albino guinea pigs require a lot of attention and care. If you want to keep them as pets, you must be more careful about their health and diet. They are unique and super friendly creatures. This cute and white little animal faces numerous health conditions in its short period of life, but on the other hand, they are super attached to its owners. These harmless, lovable, and helpless creatures bring much joy and comfort to your life. If you take good care of them, they will look forward to your time. Just remember they are “special.” They deserve the best care and environment in their limited lifespan.




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