December 2, 2023
It all boils down to what type of guinea pig you want.English Crested Guinea Pig

English Crested Guinea Pig

English Crested Guinea Pig? Should You Buy One?

It all boils down to what type of guinea pig you want. Aside from just the look, you also need to consider their diet and grooming.

Before getting an English crested guinea pig, you must know a few things. For example, what makes them so unique, their diet, and personality.

Luckily, I’m here to answer all of your queries. Here’s my ultimate guide on English crested guinea pigs and everything you need to know about them.

English Crested Guinea Pig

An English crested guinea pig is a type of guinea pig famous for its crest. The crest is a whorl of hair between the eyes and ears. The breeders perfect the swirl to provide any range of shapes and designs.

The only thing that matters is the color of the curl. In the English crested guinea pig, the whorl is the same color as the rest of the fur. In contrast, the whorl is pure white in an American crested guinea pig. This distinguishes an English crested guinea pig from any other crested guinea pig.

What Is A Crested Guinea Pig?

Crested guinea pigs are characterized by the whorl or tuft of hair in the middle of their forehead. This whorl is a crest or a crown. The crest can come in many different colors and designs. But what sets an English crested guinea pig aside from the others is its crest is always the same color as the fur.

There are other types of crested guinea pigs too. The white-crested guinea pig has a pure white whorl that contrasts against the rest of the fur.

English Crested Guinea Pig Life Span

How long do English crested guinea pigs live? Their lifespan isn’t any different from that of regular guinea pigs. On average, English crested guinea pigs can live for anywhere from 4 to 8 years. This depends on many factors like genetics, diet, and habits.

If you give your pigs a good diet and regular exercise, they will last longer. However, if you do not focus on a good diet, you will lose your guinea pig.

English Crested Guinea Pig Colors

The best part about these pigs is they come in many colors. It’s just that the crest must be the same color as the fur. This gives the impression to some people that the fur must all be one. That’s not true. The fur can be of any combination of colors.

For instance, your English crested guinea pig can be honey-brown in color. And it could also have white patches. The crest can be honey-brown in color as well. This versatility in fur coat color makes them easier to breed than other pigs.

English Crested Guinea Pig Size

To be more specific, they are relatively short and can grow up to 8-10 inches in size. In contrast, a white guinea pig can grow up to 12 inches. The difference in size is hardly noticeable. But if you want a bigger pet, this isn’t for you.

They can weigh anywhere from 1.5 to 2.6 pounds. They’re easier to handle as they’re not too heavy when healthy. However, their size and weight drastically change depending on their diet and eating behaviors.

Crested Guinea Pig Personality

These pigs, much like others, are too shy. They are fearful and do not prefer to show much energy around people. However, when alone, they show intent and curiosity. These guinea pigs are intelligent and keen to learn more about the world around them.

You shouldn’t expect them to be aggressive with you or their buddy guinea pigs. However, avoid touching them or picking them up, as they’re quite reserved. You can sit back and watch them.

Behavior Of Crested Guinea Pig

Crested guinea pigs are very docile creatures. They like to lay back and observe the world around them. They’re very curious and will not shy away from exploring the world around them. However, be careful when touching them or picking them up.

They won’t be aggressive, though, as they make very sound and reserved pets. You will find them to be the most intelligent guinea pigs.

Diet Of Crested Guinea Pig

These guinea pigs can be fed anything you feed a regular guinea pig. If there’s something you wouldn’t want to feed your regular guinea pig, you shouldn’t feed your crested one either.

However, it may be better to buy Timothy hay for crested guinea pigs. These pigs love Timothy’s hay as it contains all of the proteins and fibers they need. Additionally, you should feed your guinea pigs some green leafy vegetables. These include kale, spinach, and lettuce.


Do English Crested Guinea Pigs Like To Be Held?

No, they don’t like you to hold them. They are shy creatures, and if you watch them, they are fine; rather be touched.

What Is The Difference Between American Crested Guinea Pigs And English Crested Guinea Pigs?

American crested guinea pigs have a white crest, but the rest of the body is of a different color. However, English crested guinea pigs have the same color of crest and body.

Are Crested Guinea Pigs Friendly?

Yes, they are very friendly and highly intelligent, but they don’t show any aggression. However, they’re not exactly fond of humans. They like to be alone, or you can watch them.

Final Word

English crested guinea pigs are quite the charm when you see them. Their unique look and uniform fur coat mean that they look more professional than other breeds.

But buying one and taking care of it isn’t all that easy. As you would have read throughout the guide, these guinea pigs have many characteristics. They’re shy and introvert, highly intelligent, and prefer Timothy hay.

I hope now you know more about these pigs and can decide between buying one or not.

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