December 2, 2023

Guinea Pig Poop – Everything You’ve Wanted To Know

Guinea Pig Poop – What Does It Say About Your Guinea Pig?

Most people don’t realize the feces are your gateway into your guinea pig’s health. Everything from the consistency to the color and size of the poop can tell you about its health. The feces are affected by diet or any underlying health conditions.

So, what is there to know about guinea pig poop? And how do you potty train your pet? This guide will tell you about poop and how you can determine your pet’s health.

What Does Guinea Pig Poop Look Like?

Healthy guinea pig poop should be medium to dark brown. It should have an oval shape and shouldn’t be clumpy. It should be uniform in consistency and not break when your guinea pig steps on it.

What Should I Do If My Guinea Pig Has Diarrhea?

Your first step should be to recover the fluids your pig has lost. Feed them with fluids and yogurt to keep them hydrated at all times.

Regardless of how many measures you’re taking, you should always visit a vet. Vets will prescribe the necessary medication and guide you further on how to treat your guinea pig.

Why Does My Pig Have Diarrhea?

Many things can cause your guinea pigs’ stools to be runny. If your guinea is on a diet that doesn’t provide good bacteria, diarrhea is necessary. Feed it some yogurt that will boost up its good bacteria production.

Additionally, hypovitaminosis can also lead to diarrhea. Moreover, excess water is a major cause of runny stools in them. Be sure to feed them lots of regular hay and not feed them too many carbs.

How Dirty Is Guinea Pig Poop?

Is its poop safe for humans to touch? We don’t know why you would even want to do such a thing. But if there’s any doubt, then yes, the poop is not safe for humans. It contains the regular bacteria that every stool has, but there may also be some potentially dangerous microbes there.

Guinea pigs with salmonella or LCMV will pass the infection to their stools. Touching the stool can lead to the spreading of the virus. Even if you don’t get infected, you could contaminate your house and other pigs.

Is Guinea Pig Poop Easy To Clean?

Cleaning the poop is like emptying a cat’s litter box. You’ll first need to relocate the guinea pigs to a safe environment. Then, you’ll need to remove and wipe down everything in the cage. This includes the cage itself.

You can have a towel lining the inside of the cage. Use a lint roller to remove any hair and feces droppings. It’s best to dust the towel and wash it in the laundry twice a week.

Next, dump all the wood chippings and replace them. Then you’ll need to clean the coroplast and add everything back in.

Is Guinea Pig Poop Hard Or Soft?

The poop should be hard enough, so it doesn’t break when pigs step on it. However, it shouldn’t be too hard or dry. Softer poop usually indicates diarrhea or some health complications.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Have White Poop?

There are many reasons why the poop could be white. Too old poop will start to acquire a white fluorescence of mold on it, which is normal. But leaving the mold as it is will endanger the guinea pigs.

Secondly, white feces can result from white secretions from the anal sac of male piggies. It can also be a sign of a lack of an incorrect diet.

How Can I Firm Up My Guinea Pig Poop?

Your first approach should be to focus on their diet. Keep in mind that soft stools can indicate an underlying health condition, even if they do not suffer from diarrhea. The most common culprits for soft stools are vegetables and fruits. These can lead to soft stools. Usually, the issue is resolved within a few days. If not, you should stop feeding them said fruits and stick to a hay-only diet.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When He Poops?

Usually, squeaking while passing poop is a sign of bladder pain. When poop passes through a pig’s body, it brushes against the bladder. Your guinea pig could have a urinary tract infection. It could also be having a bladder stone.

Do Guinea Pigs Need A Litter Box?

Much like every other animal, they also need a litter box. This is a small container in which they will urinate and defecate. Of course, you’ll need to potty train them for this. But once they get used to it, managing poop will be a lot easier. A dirty litter box will discourage the pigs from using it again, so always keep it clean.

How Do You Potty Train A Guinea Pig?

Firstly, have a litter box ready. Do not use kitty litter as it can be harmful to the guinea pigs. However, if your pigs have a spot they prefer to poop in, place the litter box there.

Observe your piggies. If they use the litter box, offer them a treat or a reward. Keep doing this until they start using the litter box regularly.

Eventually, your piggie will get the hang of it. If not, don’t be disappointed. Sometimes they can have accidents. And other times, they will not learn how to defecate in their litter boxes. With enough effort, you can potty train your pigs.

The best material to clean the litter is newspapers. It’s different from the other material used in the hatch. So, it will provide a nice unique bathroom for your pet. Also, give them some privacy while doing their business as they’re quite shy creatures.


How Many Poops Does A Guinea Pig Do A Day?

Normally, a pig can produce up to 100 poops a day. However, that’s just the upper limit. Less mobile or older pigs are prone to pooping less in a day.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Have Soft Poop?

Soft poop is usually an indicator of a bad diet. If you’re feeding your guinea pig fruits and veggies, it will have soft poop. Keep in mind that soft poop and diarrhea are two different scenarios. Diarrhea indicates something wrong with your piggie’s body.

What Color Should Guinea Pig Poop Be?

The ideal color for the poop is brown to dark brown. The color can vary, but any major changes to the color can indicate some health conditions.

How Do I Stop My Guinea Pig From Pooping Everywhere?

You can start by treating the pig if it poops in some specific place. You can also place an appropriately-sized litter box and line it with newspapers.

Can You Put A Diaper On A Guinea Pig?

Yes, but it’s not recommended. Diapers are very uncomfortable and will only be an excuse for your guinea pig not to get potty trained. Additionally, considering cavies produce feces many times a day, you’ll be left changing the diaper more often than you would want to.

Final Word:

Your guinea pig’s feces can tell a lot about its health and behavior. Ideally, the poop should be dark brown and not too soft or hard. It should be oval and should hold up.

Any changes to the shape or consistency of the poop can signify underlying health conditions. You would also want to potty train your pet as its feces can spread viruses and bad bacteria.

So, this was your guide to fully understanding your pig’s poop and maintaining your piggie’s health.



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