December 2, 2023
Guinea pig treats are easy to make, Natural Guinea Pig Treats

Natural Guinea Pig Treats

Guinea pig treats are easy to make, so long as you carefully make them in the correct quantity. However, why should you make homemade treats for them? This allows you to always have something on hand when you are feeding your guinea pig or when you want to treat them healthily.

Making their treats can be fun, and you can even play with some flavors you would not usually think of, such as cucumber. Using natural ingredients like cucumbers and fresh-squeezed lemon juice, you can make a guinea pig treat that is healthy for your cavy.

Read on to know everything about guinea pig treats.

How To Give Your Guinea Pig Treats:

When giving treats to your cavy, remember not to overdo it. Guinea pigs can suffer from obesity if they receive too many of their favorite foods. Hence, you have to give them just a small amount every time. Guinea pigs also like to nibble on plants. Due to this, it becomes important to remember not to provide them with anything toxic, like lilies or poinsettia.

They need a treat just like a dog. Many different treats can be given to your furry friend of yours. Some pig owners give their pets sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, and fruits. If you want to give your pet a fruit treat, make sure you pick fruits that are not poisonous to them. Some fruits can be dangerous to them if they ingest them. Your pet can get very sick if they eat a fruit not meant for them.

Choosing Nutritious Treats:

When treating the guinea pigs to eat, we need to remember they are animals. They have a natural attraction to things in a package. However, this does not mean that you give your pet a treat with no nutritional value. Similarly, avoid giving them treats that are too hard or, frankly, just gross. If they smell bad to you, they smell bad to them!

When shopping for guinea pig foods. You need to look for food with high protein, low in carbohydrates, and all the necessary vitamins and minerals. You may find a wide variety. The right way to choose is only when you do some solid research. Canned foods are often easier to digest and less expensive than fresh foods. Since guinea pigs need to be alert about what they eat, it is important to feed them various foods. They might eat everything. Nevertheless, you should be the one feeding them the right things.

Make Your Guinea Pig Treats:

Making homemade guinea pig treats is easy and yummy for your furry friends! Making them is fun for you, and your guinea pig can enjoy it. Best of all, there are no preservatives and artificial colors. Just as if they harm the human body, they also harm the guinea pigs.

Cavies love treats like cooked sweet potato, carrots, peas, cooked rice, and apples. You can make these and do some food prep to save them for a long time.

You can also combine cucumbers, blueberries, peanut butter, rice Chex, wheat Chex, and corn Chex in a bowl. Cut them very small and make the Chex into powder. Add some water and combine them into small biscuits. You can also bake them. These are extremely delicious and very healthy to have for your little piggy.

Choose to Produce To Give As Treats:

Guinea pigs like sweets, just like all of us. However, it is not a good idea to give them sweets all the time. The first stage will be that they will get hyperactive. The next step is they will gain weight, and eventually, they will become obese. Make sure there are no artificial ingredients all the time. Most fruit and vegetables are safe for your guinea pig to eat. However, some of them are not very safe to eat for them. Hence, when choosing products, ensure you have the right ones.

Apart from fruits, Rex, Lima, or butter beans are a good source of vitamins A, B-12, and folate. Bananas, sweet potatoes, and carrots should make up the rest of your guinea pig’s diet. These are the best products that you can select to give your pets as treats.

Knowing When And How To Give Treats:

Guinea pigs have specific dietary requirements like hay, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and water. Treats, of course, are okay in moderation. However, if you can make their treats healthy, you will be doing them a favor. However, you can give treats to your guinea pig on special occasions that are ‘junk.’

The best is always to ensure they are healthy, such as carrots and apples. You can also give your guinea pig a small amount of food, like cheese and crackers.

Cavies are indoor pets. You should not give pets of yours treats outside. They may get used to it. Also, do not give your guinea pig food high in fat and sugar. These may do them more harm than foul.

Giving them ‘treats’ all the time is also not a good idea. Treat them when they listen to you or when you think they deserve them. Not every little achievement should be treated worthy.

What Do Guinea Pigs Like For Treats?

Well, the truth is that guinea pigs are not that meticulous. Cavies like whatever their owners give them. Guinea pigs are quite loyal pets. Hence, their owners should give those treats, like apples, celery, or carrots.

The truth is that guinea pigs love sweets in fruits like apples. They are said to be the favorite of guinea pigs. Hence, you should give them these treats. However, they are also pretty fond of cheese and crackers. As a treat, you can give these high-in-fat snacks, and they will love it.

What Guinea Pigs Would Find In The Wild:

When guinea pigs are not pets, they are in the wild. Cavies in the wild eat mostly plant matter. They eat grass, leaves, berries, bark, nuts, and seeds. However, they also eat leaves, fruits, flowers, and grasses. They also eat insects, snails, slugs, and snails every now and then.

These are usually their staple foods. However, in the wild, they essentially eat anything. They are not very fussy about their food.

What Sweet Treats Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

While guinea pigs have a better taste for leafy greens, including fruits and veggies, for sweet treats, you can always treat them to wild berries, twigs from fruit trees such as pears and apples, and even strawberries. You may also find a way to mix all these to make the perfect sweet treat for your furry friend.


Guinea pigs are adorable little creatures that love to eat. Unfortunately, most commercially available treats are filled with unhealthy ingredients. Just like human beings, they are harmful to little creatures. If you and your furry friend are serious about keeping your pet happy and healthy, then you must make your treats. Fortunately, following these simple instructions is easy, and your cavy will love you for it!

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