September 22, 2023
Sexing Guinea Pigs?What Sex Is My Guinea Pig?

Sexing Guinea Pigs?

How do you tell the difference between a male guinea pig and a female one?

Female guinea pigs have a Y-shaped genital area, whereas males have a bit more of a bulge. There are other differences that you should look for.

So, what more is there to know about sexing guinea pigs? Keep on reading to learn all about sexing cavies.

What Sex Is My Guinea Pig?

The easiest way to determine the sex of your guinea pig is to take a close look at the genitals. The genitals are what distinguishes your guinea pig’s sex.

In general, female genitalia tends to be like a Y. The shape can vary, but the general idea is the same. On the other hand, male cavies have a small dot-like opening in their genitalia. You’ll notice that the genitals will often be raised a bit. This indicates a male piggy.

How To Tell The Gender Of Your Guinea Pig?

So, how do you figure out the sex of your guinea pig? Here’s a quick rundown:

What Does A Female Guinea Pig Look Like?

Female guinea pigs have a Y-shaped vulva that can be easily viewed from the bottom. Another defining factor is the distance between the genitals and the anus. Female cavies have a shorter distance while males have a longer distance. Sometimes, the vulva is right above the anus.

What Does A Male Guinea Pig Look Like?

Male guinea pigs can identify by their genitalia. Their genitals look like a raised dot that is above the anus. The distance between the anus and the dot is slightly longer in males. This distance can tell you a lot about the sex of your guinea pig. To be sure, you can press right next to the genitals to expose them and determine the sex of your guinea pig.

How To Tell The Gender Of New Guinea Pig Pups?

Telling the gender of an adult guinea pig is easy, as the genitals are already fully formed. But doing so for a guinea pig pup is not easy.

The first step is distinguishing the guinea pig’s anus from its genitalia. Then look at the distance between them. Male guinea pig pups naturally have a distance of 2-3 inches between the anus and the genitals. Meanwhile, that distance is lesser in females.

Male guinea pig pups will have a bulge on their genitals, which signifies the presence of testicles.

Do Male Guinea Pigs Have Balls?

Yes, male guinea pigs have testes. They are not very apparent and only appear as a small bulge on the genitals. You can easily identify them this way, though. And the best part is that they can be identified even when the guinea pig is just a pup. So, early sexing is quite possible with guinea pigs.

When Do Male Guinea Pigs’ Balls Drop?

The guinea pig’s balls or testes normally drop by about 3 months after birth. However, if the testicles have not dropped by the 4th month, you can assume that your guinea pig is a cryptorchid. This means it lacks at least one testicle from the scrotum.

Are You Positive About The Sex Of Your Guinea Pig?

Often, it’s easy to mistake a male guinea pig for a female guinea pig, especially if you’ve never done sexing before. However, you can figure out if your guinea pig is male or female with the right knowledge. If not, you can visit a vet and let him decide for you. Usually, male guinea pigs have a bulge on their genitalia, whereas female genitalia is shaped like a Y.

What Are The Tips And Care While Sexing Your Guinea Pig?

Firstly, you want to ensure that you do not sex your guinea pig when it is newborn, as it will be very difficult. Instead, wait at least 2-3 weeks to sex it. However, do not wait longer than 3 weeks, or they may mate with each other.

Next, wash your hands before and after you’re done sexing the guinea pig. You don’t want to touch your guinea pig as it can carry germs and diseases. However, you don’t need to worry about transferring any to your piggy.

Now, ensure the cavy is calm and placed onto a low and stable surface. Guinea pigs are very sensitive to being picked up and may try to run away. Therefore, you must secure the area around them. You can even place them on the floor to avoid injuring them.

Pick up the cavy very gently and hold it firmly so that it doesn’t wiggle out of your grip. Then, place the cavy on its back so that you can take a look at its genitals. Beware, your piggie will be very uncomfortable, so be as quick as you can.


How To Know Your Guinea Pig’s Need For Sex?

SIgns of your guinea pig going into heat are more or less apparent. When your female cavy is in heat, she may exhibit increased activity, swaying hips, and a swollen vulva. Other signs include putting her rump in the air and making low-pitched sounds.

When To Separate Male And Female Guinea Pigs?

It is best to separate male and female guinea pigs right after the male turn 3-4 weeks old. This means separating siblings and parents, as male guinea pigs can mate with their mothers. This is why it is important to sex them before that time to avoid mixing opposite-gender guinea pigs. You shouldn’t keep them alone, though. Give them a male buddy to socialize with. Or you could get them neutered at the right age.

Do Male Guinea Pigs Have Nipples?

Yes, they do have nipples. So you can’t use the presence of those as a sign of whether your guinea pig is male or female. Instead, look at the genitals and the distance between them and the anus. Females generally have a shorter distance than males. You can look at their size and shape to determine their gender.

Final Word:

Guinea pigs must be sexed before they turn 3 weeks old, or you could have unwanted pregnancies. The best way to sex your guinea pig is to look at the genitals. If the genitals are Y-shaped, then it’s a female. If they have a dot with a raised bump, the cavy is male.



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