September 21, 2023
Shaved Guinea Pig - All You Need To Know should you do it?

Shaved Guinea Pig – All You Need To Know

Shaved Guinea Pig – Should You Do It? If So, How Do You Do It? And How Do You Clean Your Guinea Pig Afterward?

In short, shaving your guinea pig is for medical or convenience purposes. But never for aesthetic purposes.

Luckily, I’m here to answer all your questions. This is a complete guide on shaving your guinea pig.

If you want to know why you should or shouldn’t shave your pet, read on. I go over the pros and cons and the correct procedure for shaving your guinea pig.

How To Shave The Hair Of A Guinea Pig:

Trimming your guinea pig’s hair is a scary task for the first time. You need to master the skill, but it might take some time.

Here are a few things you need to have when shaving your pig.

Things You’ll Need:

  1. A small container.
  2. A towel.
  3. Pet hair trimmer.
  4. Straight scissors (optional).
  5. Brush for small animals.
  6. Comb.


  1. Turn the container upside down on a flat surface.
  2. Place the towel over the container and gently make your guinea pig sit on it.
  3. Start detangling the coat of the guinea pig by gently brushing the hair.
  4. Secure your pig with a hand and start shaving the hair. You might find it best to cut the hair short before shaving it.
  5. Brush the hair down with a comb and gently run the trimmer against the growth of the hair. Ensure your guinea pig does not panic or try to run away. Keep it busy with a snack until the procedure is done.
  6. Do not cut the small hair around the eyes, as they help the guinea pig see through the dark.

Pros And Cons Of Shaving A Guinea Pig:


  • If it’s too hot out, your pet will feel relieved.
  • It’s a good way to shave off dirty hair that’s become coagulated with urine and feces.
  • Your pet will be saved from falling, tripping, etc.
  • You allow your guinea pig to move about freely.
  • It will prevent the transfer of dirt to your house.


  • You’re taking away a layer of protection against irritants, injury, and cold.
  • Your guinea pigs may also run the risk of having ingrown hairs.
  • Your guinea pig might get stressed if it suddenly loses all of its hair.

Shaving Is Necessary For Medical Procedures:

You might want to shave your guinea pig’s hair for medical purposes. This is usually when your guinea pig needs surgery or a wound under the hair needs to be examined.

If your pet suffers from other conditions, shaving the hair may not be good. For instance, shaving the hair will not work if your pet feels cold.

Causes Why You Have To Shave Your Guinea Pig:

Here are some reasons why you should shave a guinea pig:

  1. It will lead to more unrestricted movement.
  2. You’ll save it from falling and tripping.
  3. Your pet will feel relieved from the heat.
  4. You want to remove dirty hair.
  5. You have been advised so by a medical expert.

How Do You Clean A Shaved Guinea Pig?

After you’re done shaving, you must clean it too. Prepare a bath of lukewarm water such that the water only reaches up to the pet’s belly. Apply some pet shampoo to the guinea pig and rub it gently. Avoid getting the shampoo in its eyes and ears. Then, gently dry the guinea pig on a soft towel. You can also use a dryer to dry off the skin on the low setting.

How Do You Keep A Shaved Guinea Pig Warm?

Monitor the temperature using a thermometer. Use a pet-safe electric-heated pad to keep your pig warm when it gets too cold. Keep the guinea pig’s habitat away from windows and openings. You can use a pet-safe tunnel or an Igloo hideout for added heating. You can also add some bedding to keep your pet as warm as possible.

Can Shaved Guinea Pigs Get Mites?

While there haven’t been many studies on whether shaved guinea pigs can get mites, it’s safe to assume they can. Now, this depends on how well you shave them. You see, mites hide under their fur coat. If you shave the hair, your pet won’t get mites.

However, if you don’t shave them enough, your pet will likely get mites. This is because mites are microscopic, and even stubble can be sufficient.

Can You Put A Hairless Guinea Pig With A Regular Guinea Pig?

Yes, shaved guinea pigs can be kept with unshaved ones. But they will be more susceptible to skin injuries, so we don’t prefer rough bedding. These creatures are so friendly that they will mingle in no time.


Should You Shave Your Guinea Pig?

Do not shave your guinea pig without a professional recommendation. However, you can opt for it if you fear injury or if it is getting too hot outside. Preferably, try to maintain temperature indoors.

Do Long-Haired Guinea Pigs Need To Be Shaved?

Not necessarily. If your guinea pig’s hair is too long, you can trim it down instead of shaving it entirely. But due to how fast it grows, you may prefer to shave it.

What Is Guinea Pig Barbering?

Guinea pig barbering is the unwanted removal of hair from a guinea pig, even by other pigs. This usually results from a fight among pigs. Some female guinea pigs may also exhibit this behavior under stress.

Can I Do The Vet Shave Off My Pet’s Hair To Eliminate Lice?

Yes, you can consult a vet to shave your pet’s fur to help remove lice. However, there is a better option, such as a lice spray. If your pet’s hair is too thick, trimming or shaving may be necessary.

Final Word:

Shaving a guinea pig doesn’t sound like a good idea. After all, the hair on your pet keeps it safe from so much. However, a shave may sometimes be needed to prevent injury, barbering, mites, or lice.

This was your ultimate guide on shaving a guinea pig and other things you should know. The most important takeaway from this guide is that you should always have a reason to shave your guinea pig. Otherwise, you could do more harm than good.

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