December 2, 2023
It all comes down to what type of guinea pig you want.White-Crested Guinea Pig? Should You Get One?

White-Crested Guinea Pig?

White-Crested Guinea Pig? Should You Get One?

It all comes down to what type of guinea pig you want. You must consider the piggie’s personality and dietary requirements.

Read on if you’re planning to adopt a white-crested guinea pig but don’t know anything about them. I go over the basics of these guinea pigs, including their eating habits and characteristics. Hopefully, this guide will help you with your decision.

So, here’s my complete white crested guinea pig guide without any further ado.

Is A Crested Guinea Pig Rare?

The crested pattern on guinea pigs is a breed. They are only available at breeders and can go for sale at quite high prices. According to the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA), a white-crested cavy should have a white patch on its forehead.

White Crested Guinea Pig Life Span:

The average lifespan of most regular piggies ranges from 5 years to up to 8 years. Depending on their diet and how well you take care of them, that range can drastically vary. White-crested guinea pigs, in particular, can live anywhere from 4 to 8 years.

White Crested Guinea Pig Characteristics:

So, what are the characteristics of a white-crested guinea pig? According to the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA), a white-crested guinea pig should have a white crest. The crest should be in the center of the forehead.

It usually has a smooth and thick fur that can be brown or black. This type of cavy is perfect for beginners as it’s fun and easy to take care of. They don’t act up much and rarely show aggression towards other piggies or human owners.

What Is A White Crested Guinea Pig?

A white-crested guinea pig has a white tuft of fur in the center of its forehead. The style, shape, and design of the crest can vary. But usually, it’s like an oval or a cone that extends down to their snout. White-crested guinea pigs are laid-back creatures that are very rare to find and are a treat for children. These guinea pigs are in high demand and very easy to take care of.

What Is The Best White-Crested Guinea Pig Bedding?

The bedding you should use for your white crested guinea pigs is no different from the ones you’d use for other piggies. It should be quality bedding to control moisture and keep your piggie’s feet dry.

Low dust or dust extracted bedding is the best. The most common types include wood chips and paper bedding. You can also opt for fleece bedding as it’s great at absorbing excess moisture.

White-Crested Guinea Pig Weight:

A typical white crested guinea pig can weigh 1000 grams to 1200 grams. As you can see, these piggies are generally heavier than other piggies. Additionally, the female counterparts of these piggies are slightly lighter. But they’re still heavier than the females of other piggie types.

Maintaining the piggie’s weight is crucial as too much weight can lead to health complications. In particular, cardiovascular and respiratory problems should be expected.

White-Crested Guinea Pig Colors:

White-crested guinea pigs are almost always covered in just one solid color. The color is usually honey brown or black. In the middle of the forehead, they have a white tuft of fur different from the rest of their fur. However, most guinea pigs will be one color throughout, save for the crest.

How Do I Groom My White-Crested Guinea Pig?

Luckily, grooming the white-crested guinea pig is easiest than you’d expect. This guinea pig has a shorter fur coat, meaning it’s easier to handle and take care of.

The nails of a white-crested guinea pig must clip each month. They can grow just as fast as they can on humans. Plus, white-crested guinea pigs are very prone to getting ingrown nails. Use clippers made for guinea pigs to trim down the nails.

Additionally, brush the hair of a white-crested guinea pig every week or more to refrain from losing hair.


How Rare Are White Crested Guinea Pigs?

White-crested guinea pigs are pretty rare. There isn’t an exact measurement of this. But they’re rare enough only to be bought from breeders.

How Big Do White Crested Guinea Pigs Get?

White-crested guinea pigs can reach a size of about 12 inches. This largely varies from cavy to cavy.

How To Take Care Of A White-Crested Guinea Pig’s Health?

Ensure they are getting the proper brushing and dental hygiene that they deserve. Always clip their nails to avoid ingrown nails.

What Is The Temperament Of A White-Crested Guinea Pig?

White-crested guinea pigs are docile animals, preferring to hide away than come out. However, it’s an intelligent creature too.

Final Word:

White-crested guinea pigs are all the craze right now. Everyone from the adults to the children loves the unique look of these piggies.

To recap, white-crested guinea pigs are some of the rarest globally and are famous for their white crests. These piggies are quite calm creatures that are easy to take care of. They require the same diet as any other guinea pig. And they make for adorable pets.

I hope now you have a clear idea of whether you want a white-crested guinea pig or not. Making the decision isn’t easy. Hence, knowing where to start is a significant benefit.


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